Matrice 300 RTK

Product Description

OnPoynt now offers a complete line of professional and enterprise level UAS drones to better support Career Technology Education with this widely utilized Matrice 300 RTK.

Our CTE kits comes with additional items specifically selected for the classroom. These include safety equipment, reference materials and more. 


The Matrice 300 RTK is DJI’s latest commercial drone platform that takes inspiration from modern aviation systems. Offering up to 55 minutes of flight time, advanced AI capabilities, 6 Directional Sensing & Positioning and more, the M300 RTK sets a whole new standard by combining intelligence with high-performance and unrivaled reliability.


The all-new OcuSync Enterprise enables transmission up to 15 km away and supports triple-channel3 1080p video. Real-time auto-switching between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz4 enables more reliable flight near high-interference environments, while AES-256 encryption offers secure data transmission.

Multi-Sensor Payloads

See the full picture without missing any details wherever, whenever your mission takes place.

Seamless User Interface

A new integrated user interface lets you quickly switch between wide, zoom, and thermal camera views, and preview the zoom FOV while in wide or thermal camera view.


AI Spot-Check

Automate routine inspections and capture consistent results every time. Onboard AI recognizes the pre-marked subject of interest in subsequent automated missions to ensure consistent framing.

High-Res Grid Photo

Frame an area of interest in wide camera view, and the zoom camera will automatically capture a set of 20 MP images of the area. These images are stored together with an overview image that can be viewed in greater detail.


The refined airframe and propulsion system design gives you a more efficient and stable flight, even in harsh conditions.

  • 15 km Max Transmission
  • 55-min Max Flight Time
  • 6 Directional Sensing & Positioning
  • Primary Flight Display
  • IP45 Rating
  • Advanced Dual Control
  • Hot-swappable Battery
  • -20°C to 50°C Operating Temperature
  • UAV Health Management System
  • Up to 3 payloads simultaneously
  • Supported DJI Gimbals: Zenmuse XT2/XT S/Z30/H20/H20T

Items included:

Matrice 300 RTK System x 1
TB60 Batteries x 2
BS60 Battery Station x 1
Enterprise Shield Basic x 1

Note: This package does not include the RTK base station, it is sold separately.

At OnPoynt we take Career Technology Education seriously and out kits are designed for educators to help ensure a great hands-on and safe learning experience. These include safety equipment, text and reference materials and more. 

 There a many payload and camera options for The Matrice series,  contact us for more options.

Maximum quantity available reached.

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