Our Story

OnPoynt makes it easy for educational organizations to access innovative drone technology to hands-on build, fly and learn.
Welcome to OnPoynt Drone Solutions, where educators can find the latest innovations in drone technology for STEM education. We make it easy for educators to establish a STEM drone aerial robotics program ---in  just one click.
Established in 2012, OnPoynt is the nation’s leading supplier of drone technology for education. If you can’t find the right kit for you school or educational program, OnPoynt can prepare a custom solution.
Our OnPoynt team is comprised of FAA drone pilots who have commercial expertise and military aviation experience. Established in 2012, we share our aviation knowledge, STEM learning scenarios and best practices with you through our Drone Ranger Videos.
Check out our Drone Ranger Blog for Educators with briefs on equipment, STEM scenarios, safety tips and new STEM learning experiences.
OnPoynt is proud to be a veteran owned and operated business.