Ranger at Work ..... Kind of

Anytime can be nap time.
What?...  I'm on break!
Jay's shop is always so Clean!!
Quality Control Inspector
Scene-Stealer, Photo-bomber
Ranger's Birthday Cake
Helping with soldering
Accounting Auditor
Ranger loves FPV drone racing
"When you're a Cool Cat, the Sun shines on you 24 hours a day."
On Drone Patrol
Hey, get out of my chair!
Helping with slides
Conducting inventory
Waiting for the Pizza Drone to deliver his anchovie Pizza  
What? No Starbucks?
All this drone stuff makes me want to take a nap.
Just another day at the office for Ranger
Day Drinking....again!
Break time in the OnPoynt Shipping Department.
Yes, Ranger purr-furs Mission Planner, although without opposable thumbs he struggles a bit with parameters setting (as do the rest of us).