Unmanned SystemsMapping

FAA Approved Drone Operator

OnPoynt is an approved FAA 333-exempt aerial services provider offering professional photography, video, surveying, GIS mapping; site and critical infrastructure inspections to these industries:

Construction, Architecture, Energy, Insurance and Engineering


Experience and Capabilities 

  • Licensed Pilots with over 50 years of flight experience
  • Multirotor and Fixed Wing aircraft Equipment and Experience
  • Technical Resources for unique challenges and custom payloads
  • Professional Standards
  • Insured
  • Video, Infrared and Survey Equipment and Experience

OnPoynt can develop an internal drone program for your organization or serve on an on-call basis.

OnPoynt offers a 333-exemption, professional pilots and a variety of UAS equipment and sensors to help your organization access drone technology.


  • OnPoynt can develop, implement and/or maintain an internal program for your organization.
  • OnPoynt can use its 333-exemption, equipment and pilot for your projects on-call.
  • OnPoynt can customize a hybrid solution for your organization.