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OnPoynt is FAA Approved: Up and Flying…

OnPoynt holds an FAA 333 Exemption and flies aerial systems for commercial and business purposes: aerial photography and video, surveying, GIS mapping, site inspection and marketing, critical infrastructure inspections.


Drone-Technology Users:

Emerging business and commercial users of drone-technology: Construction, Insurance, Entertainment, GIS Mapping, Broadcast/Media/FilmSurvey/Aerial Photography, Education

OnPoynt offers the customizable services and safety-first services.


  • Full Service Hourly Rate (OnPoynt aircraft, 333 and pilot)
  • Option 2 (OnPoynt pilot and 333, your aircraft)
  • Option 3 ( OnPoynt pilot and aircraft, your 333)
  • Pilot and spotter
  • Pilot Only
  • Vehicle Data and Sensor Support
  • Drone Technology and 333 Consulting

OnPoynt team members are commercial pilots with UAV and US Army helicopter experience. Our focus is on safe and effective flight.


Our team can help your organization successfully acquire a 333 approval and/or use aerial systems successfully as a remarkable tool to accomplish business objectives