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STEM Scout Advanced

STEM Scout Advanced

STEM Scout Advanced

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OnPoynt, home of the Drone Ranger™ line of education kits, introduces The STEM Scout

Like all the Drone Ranger ™ kits, this one is designed to be assembled and operated by student teams.

Available in Bundles (Click to Purchase): Single, 2 Drone Set, 4 Drone Set

The STEM Scout is a more advanced aircraft with much more engineering and computer science teaching opportunities than other systems.

The STEM Scout uses the new PixRacer Flight Controller running the well proven APM flight stack

Flight modes include:

  • manual
  • stabilize
  • follow-me

Code is executed directly on flight controller in real-time.

Firmware support includes

  • Copter
  • Plane
  • Rover

Fully compatible to all APM externals like:

  • Telemetry units
  • On-Screen-Display
  • GPS
  • Sonar
  • Lidar
  • Airspeed sensors

Connectors and wiring support many 3rd party components

On-Board MAVLink communication many Ground Control Station programs based on

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android

The STEM Scout will send telemetry over Wi-Fi or any other modem to include telemetry radio links.

This PixRacer flight controller is more than an autopilot –

  • Built for research and education
  • Proven in universities and research institutions worldwide
  • Supports numerous projects
  • Can access and use the IMU, GPS, barometer, servo controls
  • Very friendly programming environment.
  • Open-source drivers
  • detailed tutorials are available

There are extensive forums and support venues for development.

The STEM Scout Education Kit includes everything necessary for an advanced STEM learning experience.    This kit includes:

  • PixRacer Flight Controller
  • 450mm Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame (other options available)
  • Power Board and all necessary cables
  • Lithium Polymer Battery 25C 11.1V 3200mAh and charger
  • 30A Multi-Rotor Electronic Speed Controllers
  • Brushless DC Motors and propellers
  • Remote transmitter and receiver
  • Telemetry
  • Safety equipment
  • Required assembly tools

Quick Summary

The main hardware documentation is here: https://pixhawk.org/modules/pixracer

  • Main System-on-Chip: STM32F427VIT6 rev.3
    • CPU: 180 MHz ARM Cortex M4 with single-precision FPU
    • RAM: 256 KB SRAM (L1)
  • Standard FPV form factor: 36x36 mm with standard 30.5 mm hole pattern
  • Wi-Fi telemetry and software upgrade
  • Invensense ICM-20608 Accel / Gyro (4 KHz) / MPU9250 Accel / Gyro / Mag (4 KHz)
  • HMC5983 magnetometer with temperature compensation
  • Measurement Specialties MS5611 barometer
  • JST GH connectors
  • microSD (logging)
  • S.BUS / Spektrum / SUMD / PPM input
  • FrSky telemetry port
  • OneShot PWM out (configurable)
  • Optional: Safety switch and buzzer
  • Accessories:
    • Digital airspeed sensor
    • On- Screen- Display + US Telemetry (915 MHz)

The STEM Scout has waypoint / autonomous flight capabilities built-in so you can operate the aircraft in full autonomous mode.

These systems can be equipped with a video camera and downlink transmitter for additional fun and learning opportunities.

This system offers:

Significant programming capabilities

In-flight parameter changes

Open source code accessed from any internet connected computer

Easily incorporated into education programs, teachers can cover topics in:

  • electronics
  • physics
  • aerodynamics
  • chip sets
  • firmware
  • software programming

This system offers a vast amount of opportunities for configuring, programing as well as adding one modules like acoustic sensors, optic flow and other yet to be developed.

Features include

  • GPS technology for stability and positioning
  • Return – to – Home Fail Safe
  • feature in case it loses control signal
  • altitude and distance limiters for geo-fencing

The cost for a the STEM  Scout Education Kits are listed below


Single STEM Scout Kit:

Additional PixRacers flight controllers - $160 Each

Our video systems for the STEM Scout can be moved one aircraft to another. They include camera with built in transmitter and a 7” monitor with a built in reciever.  Each can record with an micro SC card.

The cost for the video system is $500.


Our systems are tested and offer the best reliability and safety, are challenging for students but not overly complicated for students to build and fly.

We offer support for these systems and in-person Professional Development training designed to make sure our clients fully understand how to build, fly and safely operate these Aerial Robots. We want to ensure a safe and fun learning experience balanced with ethical uses that complies with aviation guidelines.

 Shipping and handling will take 2-6 weeks.