Kit, robot, STEM, younger, beginner, coding, rover
Kit, robot, STEM, younger, beginner, coding, rover
line following, Kit, robot, STEM, younger, beginner, coding
Kit, robot, STEM, younger, beginner, coding,
kids, younger, beginner, coding, rover, kit, robot
kids, younger, beginner, coding, rover, kit, robot
kids, younger, beginner, coding, rover, kit, robot

Rollbot STEM Learning Educational 2- Robot Kit


OnPoynt is proud to introduce a great new line of ground robot kits from the Drone Ranger®. Though our partnership with Sun Founder, we are offering the Rollbot STEM Learning Educational kit.

This is one of the latest additions to the Drone Ranger® line of education kits.


Like all OnPoynt education kits, this one comes with everything you need to build and operate it.

Top of Form



1.STEM EDUCATION - A perfect choice for beginners to learn robotics, electronics and programing.

2.APP CONTROL - Remotely control the robot car with the Android APP - Rollman.

3.EASY CODING - A visual programming language software is provided for easy coding.

4.LINE FOLLOWING - Follow the line that you have designed by marker pen or black tape.

5.MAP INCLUDED -Sticks and clothes are provided to decorate the Rollbot, an elaborate map for line following fun.


The Rollbot kit is a very interesting and suitable learning tool for Arduino and robot beginners. It has simple structure and runs PCB as the main structure of the robot. As it is based on the Arduino platform, you can learn programming to easily control the robot. With the OLED screen and infrared sensor module, the robot can show various images like face expressions when following lines. 
This duo kit includes two Rollbots, a red and a yellow one, and a Monopoly-like gaming map, so with the help of the Android APP – Rollman, you can play different games like Ludo and Monopoly with friends!
Also, with 4 OLED stickers and a bee-shaped cover, you can make the bot more adorable! Or you can design your own covers for it. Use your ingination and enjoy the fun! 

Package Included
1 x User Manual
2 Set x Screws
4 x N20 Gear Motor    
4 x N20 Motor Mount    
2 x Main Board    
2 x OLED Screen    
2 x Infrared Sensor    
2 x Velcro    
2 x Universal Wheel     
4 x Wheel    
1 x USB Type-C Cable     
1 x 3.7V USB Charger for Li-Po Battery    
2 x Battery    
1 x Test Card    
1 x Black Tape    
1 x Marker Pen    
3 x Guide Card     
1 x Double-sided Tape    
2 x Cover    
2 x OLED Cover    
2 x Map    
2 Set x Checkpoint Sticker