Race Control Package

Product Description

You have purchased your racing drones, now it's time to show those administrators what a drone race looks like! 

Hosting a FPV drone race event requires a range of equipment and supplies to ensure a smooth and successful experience for participants and spectators.

  1. Race Course Equipment:

    • Gates and Flags: Set up gates and flags to create a defined racecourse with obstacles. These are included in our drone racing kits.
    • Timing System: Implement a race timing system to track lap times accurately. This can include RFID chips, infrared sensors, or other timing devices.
    • Start/Finish Line: Mark the start and finish lines clearly for timing and race organization.
  2. Video Transmission and Reception:

    • Video Transmitters: Provide video transmitters for each racer to broadcast their live video feed to spectators and judges. (These are usually already on the drones.)
    • Video Receivers: Set up video receivers to capture the feeds from the racers' drones and display them on screens for spectators to watch. (HDZero EventVRX offered in this package)
  3. Safety Equipment:

    • Safety Barriers: Erect safety barriers, nets, or fencing around the race course to protect spectators and prevent drones from flying out of bounds.
    • First Aid Kit: Have a well-equipped first aid kit on hand for any minor injuries that may occur during the event.
    • Fire Extinguishers: Place fire extinguishers at strategic locations in case of a drone malfunction or fire hazard.
  4. Power and Charging:

    • Power Supply: Ensure a reliable power source for the event, including generators or access to electrical outlets for charging stations and equipment.
    • Charging Stations: Set up charging stations with multiple charging ports for racers to charge their drone batteries between races.
  5. Communication Equipment:

    • Public Address (PA) System: Use a PA system to make announcements and updates to participants and spectators.
  6. Event Organization:

    • Registration Booth: Set up a registration booth for participants to check in, receive race packs, and get their questions answered.
    • Race Control Center: Establish a central control center where race organizers can monitor and manage the event, including the timing system and communication.

This package includes FPV Trackside, OBS Studio, the HDZero EventVRX for analog and HDZero digital video reception, antennas, capture card, 4 Port Quad HDMI Multi-Viewer and all cabling needed. 

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