autonomous, waypoint module, stem ranger, stem box
autonomous, waypoint module, stem ranger, stem box
autonomous, waypoint module, stem ranger, stem box

WayPoynt™ Autonomous Add-On Module


Make your OnPoynt STEM RANGER Kit Drone iPad Controllable, and best of all waypoint functional! 

The WayPoynt™ Autonomous Add-On Module a fun and very useful system, that not only enhances your flight experience, but also make the flight safer because you will get real time flight data feedback on the screen. 

With an iPad, just point-n-click on the map and the drone will go there!  Now you can make this work on your drone too!  This is the iPad Ground Station package, it contains a 2.4Ghz Ground Station Transmitter, a 2.4Ghz Data Receiver, a Bluetooth module and a PC Ground Station software, and of course, for the iPad Ground Station App,  downloaded from Apple App store.

The best part of this iPad Ground Station is the waypoint function as we've said before, on the iPad you'll see the map, you click a few points to create a route, the drone will go there, some variation like Point-n-Go, or you can upload a flight plan to the drone, you click begin and the drone will execute your route. Or, you can control the drone with Joystick mode, that means you do not need to touch the RC controller, and all done with the iPad from take-off and landing. Because your iPad is connected to the drone continuously, the drone will feed back flight data to your iPad such as altitude and battery voltage.

  • System contains all elements needed for bidirectional wireless control
  • Connects to iPad with included Bluetooth module (requires iPad3 or newer)
  • Easy way to add waypoint flying to your system


Note: This Add-On Module does not include an iPad - iPad 3 or newer is required for use.