Naza M V2 Quadcopter Flight Controller by DJI
Naza M V2 Quadcopter Flight Controller by DJI
Naza M V2 Quadcopter Flight Controller by DJI

Naza M V2 Quadcopter Flight Controller by DJI


Whats new with the NAZA-M V2 :   


  • New attitude stabilization algorithm, provides better flight performance / maneuverability  
  • New flight control performance, provides better flight experience; (flight control is smoother, take‐off is easier)  
  • Support for Octo‐rotor
  • One‐motor stopped still can land safely (Hexa‐rotor, Octo‐rotor)
  • Automatic course deviation compensation, reduced the effects of magnetic disturbance; interference around the compass detection & warning
  • Added IMU advanced calibration, error identification and warning, reduced the impact of sensor error to the flight performance

Please note existing Naza V1 owners will be able to upgrade to V2 features   with a New PMU that will be available as a Upgrade.
DJI has continued improving the Naza Flight Controller, the latest is the Naza M V2 which is the   next exciting product to the market with the latest technology being integrated  in to the new NAZA M V2. The basic functionality will remain the same as DJI   NAZA V1, however there are a few new features.
The main controller hardware structure has been optimized and the expand-ability and performance of the flight control system has been enhanced further with new   attitude stabilization algorithms, these provide better flight performance / maneuverability and a new level of flight control performance which provides a better flight experience; (flight control is smoother, take-off is easier). The Naza M V2 has support for OctoCopter and has the added safety feature on HexaCopter and OctoCopter should a motor stop working it can still be landed safely.

The Naza M V2 has automatic course deviation compensation, this reduces the effects of magnetic   disturbance and interference around the compass, there is a warning on detection of magnetic disturbance. The IMU advanced calibration; error identification and   warning reduce the impact of sensor errors in flight so increasing the overall performance.

The GPS unit added to the Naza M V2 will see great position holding and RTL features for additional safety. The V2 NAZA with the GPS unit will have IOC to help new and   experienced pilots gain the most from their systems with easy orientation assistance while flying at greater distances.    

Package Includes:
Naza-M V2 Flight Controller
Naza-m V2 GPS Module
Power Management Module
LED with USD interface