Drone Flight Simulator
Drone Flight Simulator
Drone Flight Simulator
Drone Flight Simulator
Drone Flight Simulator
Drone Flight Simulator
Drone Flight Simulator

Drone Flight Simulator


OnPoynt is glad to introduce The AeroSimRC Drone Simulator, a perfect solution for beginner pilots to learn flying skills before taking a real drone in to the skies. 

This simulator uses your remote control and connects to the training port so you can fly both your drone and the simulator with the same remote, giving you a better transition from simulation to real flight. 

The AeroSimRC also includes flight simulators for airplanes and helicopters for those schools with comprehensive aviation programs. A great low-cost training option. 

This simulator works directly with the remote controller that come with your STEM Ranger, STEM Dragon or STEM Box Education kits. 

Don't have a remote control?  We've got you covered there too. Check out our other listing for one that include a remote. 

Features include:

  • Training Program for the beginner
  • Flight Modes: Manual, Attitude, GPS
  • On-board Camera
  • Stabilized Camera Gimbal

Flight Modes and Functions

  • Manual mode for aerobatics
  • Attitude mode (Autolevel mode)
  • GPS position hold
  • Altimeter for keeping constant altitude
  • RTH (Return To Home)
  • Course Lock mode (DJI name) / Care Free mode (Mikrokopter name)
  • Camera Gimbal stabilization
  • Lights
  • Parachute (Flight Termination System)
  • Camera Take Photo (saved as jpg)

Manual  Attitude  GPS Hold Position  Altitude hold  RTH Return To Home      Course lock mode (DJI)  Care Free mode (Mikrokopter)      Camera gimbal stabilization  LED  Parachute (Flight Termination System)  Camera take photo to jpg file

Camera Gimbal

  • Pan & Tilt controlled from the transmitter
  • Gimbal auto stabilization
  • Picture-in-Picture for camera view

Training Program

  • Based on the recommendations from experienced instructors and Certification exams
  • No repair time or costs involved
  • No stress nor worries 

FPV Simulation

First Person View

AeroSIMRC gives you the thrill of flying a model airplane, helicopter or drone, through the video received from a FPV camera installed on your aircraft. Even the OSD is simulated.

FPV Features

  • Camera Pan & Tilt controlled from your transmitter
  • OSD (On Screen Display)
  • Create your own scenarios from a satellite image

Scenario Generator

  • You can create a new Scenario in AeroSIM-RC from a satellite image of your flying site

FPV Camera

  • All aircraft in AeroSIM-RC are equipped with FPV camera
  • Some aircraft also have camera Gimbal stabilization


Minimum Requirements

Unlike games with spectacular graphics, AeroSIMRC only needs a humble computer to run smoothly. We focus on training not spectacle.

Please download and try AeroSIMRC in your computer.

  • Computer
    • 1GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 600MB Disk space, CD-ROM Player or download, and free USB port to connect the transmitter.
    • Windows 10 (32 and 64 bits), Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP. To run in MAC requires Windows emulation via Virtual Machine, Bootcamp, etc. We cannot provide support for MAC, please download the simulator and try before you buy.
  • Compatible Radio Transmitter with trainer connector (compatible brands: FrSky, Futaba, Graupner, FlySky, Spektrum, Multiplex, Hitec, JR), or receiver with PPM output. See list here

Sorry this is not MAC capable without the use of Parallels or Bootcamp software.