Drone Curriculum for STEM Classrooms

Drone Curriculum for STEM Classrooms


OnPoynt is now proud to offer our Drone STEM Curriculum. It is a 16 lesson STEM curriculum that includes presentation materials, teacher notes and student handouts. Also included are instructional videos or slides for completely building, configuring and flying your OnPoynt drone.

Our curriculum helps teachers to guide student interest while ensuring that they are learning about the basics of drone technology. The materials are built with the 4 Cs of STEM as their foundation (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity) in order to foster student interest and growth in the field of STEM.

Lesson 01 - Introduction to Drones

Lesson 02 - How Drones Fly

Lesson 03 - Safety First

Lesson 04 - Motors and Soldering

Lesson 05 - Management

Lesson 06 - Drone Assembly - Build Part 1

Lesson 07 - Flight Controllers - Basic

Lesson 08 - Flight Controllers - Advanced

Lesson 09 - Batteries and Power

Lesson 10 - Drone Assembly - Build Part 2

Lesson 11 - Drone Assembly - Compass Calibration - Build Part 3

Lesson 12 - Cameras and Sensors - Build Part 4

Lesson 13 - Drone Applications

Lesson 14 - Drone Careers

Lesson 15 - Flight Safety and Pilot’s License Requirements

Lesson 16 - Pulling It All Together

This curriculum works with all of our drone kits and can be used with drones kits or fully assembled drones you may already have. 

Contact us for a sample. 

We also provide drone "remote" pilot license curriculum