The Crane

Product Description

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OnPoynt, home of best selling lines of drone education kits introduces The Flying Crane (Patent Pending) .

Like all OnPoynt its, this one is designed to be assembled and operated by student teams.

NOTE: This kit is recommended for students with an intermediate understanding of robotics. 

The Crane is a hexcopter aircraft with a more robust suite of features that include greater lifting capabilities. Equipped with advanced technology yet not over complex to set up and a dream to fly. This kit offers great STEM teaching opportunities.

This kit includes everything necessary for an advanced STEM learning experience.    This kit includes:

  • Advanced carbon fiber frame
  • Open Source Flight Controller (Pixhawk)
  • 760mm Hexcopter Frame
  • Power Board and all necessary cables
  • 2 - Lithium Polymer Battery and a charger
  • 30A Multi-Rotor Electronic Speed Controllers
  • Brushless DC Motors and propellers
  • Remote transmitter and receiver
  • Safety equipment
  • Required assembly tools
  • Telemetry to communicate with a computer


  • Ages 14 and above
  • One Education Kit for every 4 to 6 students with an intermediate level understanding of robotics.
  • For safety, students configuring the aircraft flight computer should be 18 years old or above, or be supervised by someone 18 years old or above

Technical Description:

The Fling Crane Kit features a hexcopter drone frame with all required components.  Included are two batteries, a charger, a remote controller-transmitter and building tools. The hexcopter can be assembled and disassembled for repeated use. It is GPS stabilized and has multiple flight modes. telemetry can be used to plan and upload missions to the drone for automobiles flight.

Downloadable software along with the included USB computer– aircraft interface cable, allows students to configure, adjust and manipulate setting to the aircraft’s flight computer to add to the STEM learning experience. These setting include sensor gains, calibrating the electronic compass, flight computer and the remote controller.

Safety Features:

As an added safety feature:

  • Fail Safe “Return-To-Home and Land” (RTH) feature - ensure the aircraft can always be retrieved
  • Altitude and Distance limiters - keep the drone in sight and avoid violating FAA altitude rule
  • A battery low voltage warning  - lets you know its time change it out
  • Additional safety equipment

The Flying Crane has waypoint / autonomous flight capabilities built in so you can operate the aircraft in full autonomous mode.

Our systems are tested and offer the best reliability and safety, are challenging for students but not overly complicated for them to build, configure and fly.

Camera and FPV Goggles also available from OnPoynt.

 Shipping and handling will take 2-6 weeks.

 The OnPoynt Crane is named for the US Army's CH-54 helicopter.

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