The Cobra Drone Racing Team Kit

Product Description

OnPoynt, home of the best selling lines of drone education kits introduces The Cobra(Patent Pending) !

Like all the OnPoynt kits, this one is designed to be assembled and operated by student teams.

This is an outdoor racing drone where speeds can get fast and you need a good size field to fly in.

The Cobra Drone Racing Team Kit. This is perfect for schools that want to start their own drone racing team! OnPoynt exclusively offers the Cobra racing drone!

Our new All-in-One stack includes an F7 flight controller, 4 in ESC and VTX making the build fast so you can get out and race. It a modular system that is simple to build.

These kits require the student to build and configure them before flying. 

 Its Science, Drones and Sports all rolled into one experience.

Drone racing uses a combination of drones equipped with cameras and First Person View (FPV) goggles offer the opportunity to fly the drone by looking through its camera.

The Drone Racing Team set includes:

Complete racing drone kit with:

  • Racing drone kits
  • FPV camera & transmitter
  • Remote control transmitter and receiver
  • FPV goggles
  • Colored LED lights
  • Complete set of building tools
  • Two batteries and one charger per drone
  • Battery Charger
  • 3 Tall racing flags
  • 5 Racing gates
  • Course route marker cones
  • Course boundary and safety marker

Standard drone racing course layout instructions for time trials and races.

NOTE: racing drones take practice to fly. We STRONGLY recommend students get proficient with the flight simulator prior to flying their Scout. Our New AIRBORNE  Drone Simulator is a good for new drone FPV pilots.

This kit includes all the infrastructure needed to set up a racing course for your team: five racing gates, 3 course pylon flags, marker to mark the route and spectator safety flags. Simple and easy to set up and use.

This is a great way for users to see what the buzz is all about with Drone Racing, improve their flying skills, and understand the principle used for more advanced drone operations.

Drone Racing is the newest and fastest growing sport in education with local and regional competitions starting up all over the US. High schools, colleges and universities are starting to sponsor races and set up teams.  Put a team together and show off your skills and team spirit.

So help your school join the fun and sneak in some science learning as your students enjoy the challenge of building, flying and racing drones.

Its STEM, sports and fun all rolled into one!

The Cobra is named for the US Army Cobra Helicopter. 

Call 833-ONPOYNT for more information or a quote and POs are accepted !

Note: Some items may vary from the items pictured do to manufacturers equipment availability. 


Optional Equipment: Race timing system tracks each racer’s time. Includes software, hardware and complete instructions. $1000.00

Note: Exact Items may vary from these images based on product availability.

Shipping and handling will take 2-6 weeks.

Maximum quantity available reached.

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