AIRBORNE Drone Simulator

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AIRBORNE Drone Simulator by OnPoynt

 What is the BEST way to learn to fly a drone?  Start with a realistic drone simulator! Learn the basics of fly without the risk of damaging your drone or property. 

Our AIRBORNE simulator mimics the physics of the OnPoynt Cobra racing drone. The Cobra uses a unique flight controller that incorporates GPS signals to improve stability for new pilots and the Airborne simulators includes the same features.

Flight modes include the standard Angle, Horizon and Acro racing modes but also includes Position Hold. Position Hold is a GPS stabilized mode that will hold your drone steady with no stick input. this allows your students to get used to the new world of First Person View (FPV) flying and allows them to improve their piloting skills before they jump in to full on AIRBORNE Drone Racing.

AIRBORNE is set at a typical high school with 4 racing tracks that offer increasingly difficult courses.  You can fly in Freestyle mode all over the virtual campus including between building, under the bleachers, in the local neighborhood, all of the athletic fields and parking lots.

This  simulator works with most handheld remote control used to fly common racing drones.

Currently each license is issued "per user."  The software can be loaded on several computers, users are validated during program start up.

Note: This is delivered as a digital download.

 Available for PC / Windows.

Coming soon: MacOS and Chromebook versions!

Maximum quantity available reached.

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