STEM education, drone, coding, software, STEM, 3d print
STEM education, drone, coding, software, STEM, 3d print
included, kit, STEM education, drone, coding, software, STEM, Spanish
Mosquito 150
Mosquito 150
Mosquito 150
Mosquito 150
Mosquito 150
Mosquito 150
Mosquito 150
Mosquito 150

Mosquito 150


OnPoynt is excited to introduce the BonaDrone Mosquito 150

and Education Software Platform as the latest addition to the

Drone Ranger® line of Drone Education Kits for science and STEM

Education. Through our partnership with BonaDrone we are proud to offer this innovative and interactive kit.

The Mosquito 150 comes with some parts ready to assemble but several pieces you produce with a 3D printer and assemble them yourself.  The Mosquito 150 Education Kits comes includes everything you need to print, assemble, configure and fly. It includes a battery, charger, remote control, complete instructions and added safety equipment to ensure a great learning experience.

BonaDrone solves the main problems of STEM education through these services:

  • Support and training for teachers in STEM skills 
  • Didactic material adapted to the curriculum of each school year
  • Transversal projects to work different competences
  • Advanced technology at the service of education
  • Continuous development of resources and educational tools

It also includes a downloadable software education application used to set up and configure the drone. The educational platform offers projects and challenges linked to the school curriculum to teach not only technology and coding but also science, physics, mathematics, ...

The software platform offers (in English and Spanish):

  • Different resources to get the STEM learning
  • Step-by-step guided assembly and configuration manuals
  • Mosquito 150 sensors calibration
  • Transversal challenges to learn science, physics, mathematics and technology
  • Educational projects with technology as a tool
  • Block coding

What’s in the box:

Complete drone kits

3D printer files

Remote control

Battery with storage bag


Access to the BonaDrone Drone Education Platform

Classroom safety items

And More!

ASSEMBLE IT!  Enjoy building your own drone

Building your own drone from scratch is incredibly rewarding and you won't be alone. We will be there to guide you step by step through the construction process. Receiving your drone in pieces gives you the hands-on opportunity to discover the technology for yourself and be part of the magic!

Discover new technologies

3D printing is changing the way we manufacture products. This kit includes the 3d printing files You print all the pieces yourself, assemble them and then add the motors and equipment necessary to make it soar.

PERSONALIZE IT: Choose your colors.

As every one of our drones is 3D-printed, you can customize the colors and materials! Use your school colors to customize the Mosquito and add school spirit to the project.


Don’t have a 3D Printer, we can print and ship the items to you for a small fee.