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Drone soccer, also known as "drona soccer" or "aerial robotics soccer," is a relatively new and emerging sport that combines the thrill of drone piloting with the competitiveness of soccer. While it doesn't have a long history like traditional sports, its inception can be traced back to the following key developments:

  1. Rise of Consumer Drones: The rapid growth of consumer drone technology, particularly quadcopters, sparked interest in various drone-related activities. Hobbyists and enthusiasts began exploring creative and recreational applications for drones.

  2. Educational and Competitive Robotics: Educational programs and competitions, such as the FIRST Robotics Competition, encouraged students to design and build robots for specific tasks. This provided a foundation for the concept of competitive robotic sports.

  3. University and Research Initiatives: Some universities and research institutions began experimenting with drone-based sports and competitions. These initiatives helped shape the concept of drone soccer and establish some of the early rules and formats.

  4. Inaugural Events: The first official drone soccer events and competitions started emerging in the mid-2010s. These events showcased the potential for aerial robotics to be integrated into a sports-like setting.

  5. Diverse Participation: Drone soccer began to attract participants from various backgrounds, including drone enthusiasts, engineers, programmers, and sports enthusiasts. This diversity of skills and interests contributed to the sport's growth.

  6. Development of Regulations: As drone soccer gained popularity, organizations and leagues began to develop standardized rules and regulations to ensure safety, fairness, and consistency in competitions.

  7. International Recognition: Drone soccer started gaining recognition as an organized sport, with some events and tournaments held at the international level, showcasing the sport's potential to reach a global audience.

  8. Technology Advancements: Ongoing advancements in drone technology, including improved agility, stability, and durability, have contributed to the growth of the sport and expanded its possibilities.

Today, drone soccer continues to evolve, with various organizations and leagues organizing events, promoting the sport, and developing standardized rules. It offers a unique blend of drone piloting skills, teamwork, and strategic gameplay that appeals to both drone enthusiasts and sports fans.

The specific origin of drone soccer may vary depending on the region and the organization, but it has gained momentum in recent years as a novel and exciting way to combine technology and sports.

This bundle is for programs with access to an official Drone Soccer Arena Location already, this equipment bundle can field a single team of five players. 

6x Drone Soccer Ball Kits
The 20cm Drone Soccer Ball is World Cup compliant, open-sourced technology with high performance racing drone components.

All Equipment, Parts, & Tools
6x replacement parts, toolkits, radio controllers, batteries (x4), chargers, and fireproof battery bags.

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