Drones Capture Cinematic Footage from Movies to Weddings

Drones Capture Cinematic Footage from Movies to Weddings

By: Carol Paiz, Gen-Z Reporter and Drone Pilot

Unlikely Heros
Drones are advancing as practical tools but they can offer an artistic flair as well. Drones have “enabled cinematographers to push the limits of aerial cinematography.” (Dronelife) The versatility of drones allows filmmakers to capture scenes, that otherwise were limited to ground-based equipment, with a different perspective, like this circus  scene from The Greatest Showman. Check out the James Bond Skyfall motorbike chase for a dramatic example. And are able to take your imagination to see a Pterodactyl attack in Jurassic World.

                                                 (Jurassic World Poster)

“Modern cinematography drones offer the visual impact with stable aerial footage. Drones are much easier, cheaper, and safer than plane or helicopter,” says Ron Poynter, CEO of OnPoynt.                                                                  

Drones bring aerial cinematography to our regular lives                      

The unusual flexibility of drones, and the variety of sizes, allow us to get cinematic footage of everyday life. From Youtubers vlogs showing their traveling, to remembering milestones like weddings. Capturing these events allow you as a viewer to see the world from a different point of view making them seem almost magical, and movie like.

Learning drones at a young age

Being able to manage or direct a drone can be a difficult task. Many students in high schools have sparked interest in learning this tool.

"A good place is for students to learn is the OnPoynt School Photography Kits which schools like for their school newspaper or photography club.” says Poynter from OnPoynt. Drone mastery can be demanding and challenging for students but financially rewarding. Becoming a drone videographer can be a useful, pay ranges from $35 to $50 an hour.

Drone videography is used in multiple industries from real estate, construction and major companies like GE inspect and showcase their work with drones.


OnPoynt provides drones, curriculum, educator training, and creates custom drone education programs for schools. The team at OnPoynt are experts on STEM, Career Technology Education (CTE) and racing drones for use in education.

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